We are listening

The MEGAPHONO anonymous reporting form is intended to provide a mechanism for festival attendees, volunteers, performers, or anyone who is involved with the festival, to report any form of harassment, abuse, or violence that they experienced at a MEGAPHONO event.

We appreciate your disclosure, which will help us identify where and how we can make the festival experience a safer one for everyone.

PLEASE NOTE that this form is not effective if you seek immediate support. If you do, we recommend that you consider call a support hotline, such as  the Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre 24-hour crisis line at 613-562-2333 or another helpline (there is a list of some options at the bottom of this page). 

If you would like the MEGAPHONO team to follow up with you after the event, you have the option of leaving us with your contact information. Note that this removes the anonymity of your report to our organization.


Please complete the form below

If you are reporting an incident, please provide the date, time, and location if you are able to.