The MEGAPHONO App and MEGA-AUDIO feature is now available for download in the App Store (and other app platforms)!

The app is simple:
artist lineup and bios
festival schedule
venue information

and a dynamic, contextual, location-based audio experience - MEGA AUDIO.

The brainchild of our wonderful festival partner Lixar (and powered by LWAYVE), this mobile app allows you to explore MEGAPHONO artists, hear interviews and find out more about Ottawa's hidden gems, and get real-time updates about secret shows and events!

MEGA-AUDIO's secret sauce is its dynamic, contextual will hear different music and interviews based on where you are in the city!

Hold down the PLAY button to access the outer band, your gateway to links relevant to the content you are listening to, and use the RECORD BUTTON to submit your own opinions and sound bytes that may make their way to the app!

Find it in: 

Apple App Store

Google Play Store


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