With 3 full length albums and one EP already protruding the roof of their discography in unison, Monobrow have shed their riff lashes and shape-shifted their reflection in the form of a brand new concept album. ‘The Nacarat’ is their most ambitious work to date and continues on the progression of monstrously metallic hooks treading with progressive blues and exploding by way of class warfare. Released through their own Trill or be Trilled Records, The Nacarat bridges the gap of instrumental stoner rock and downright lethal doom-laden ecstasy with a trail of fuzz so thick and groovy you’ll forget which side of the brow you reside.

‘The Nacarat’ evoke an opportunity for life versus the prospect of certain death in a battle between mystic and reality. Planetary fate lies in the minds of The Nacarat as Monobrow take you on an epic journey of sci-fi metal meets psychedelic stoner in this shocking saga of riff worship. Monobrow have only just begun their second coming of growth as a band with a captivating twist on their signature sound.

Sharing the stage with Blizaro, Witch Mountain, KEN Mode, Iron Man, and Blood Ceremony, to name a few, Monobrow continue to scorch their mark wherever they perform.