Darryl Weeks, Publicist at StageFright Publicity

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Darryl Weeks began his career at one of Canada’s leading distributors, Outside Music. There he was employed as an in-house publicist for a number of Outside’s distributed labels including Warp Records and Domino Recording Co. In that time he worked with international acts like Arctic Monkeys and Boards Of Canada. After five years at Outside Music he founded StageFright Publicity, which is in its thirteenth year offering full-service media relations in Canada and the United States for domestic and international recording artists and record labels. Current clients include: the entire Paper Bag Records roster, Helena Deland, The Charlatans, Yves Jarvis, N0V3L, Preoccupations and MUNYA.


What is your favourite part about your job?

Getting to work with artists that I love.

What is the biggest challenge you face in your job?

The ever shrinking media landscape.

What do you look for in an artist you want to work with?

Great music and a solid live show.

What is one thing you wish more people knew about your job?

That hounding media for answers is usually counterproductive.

Who are your musical heroes?

The Charlatans, The Smiths, New Order and The Supremes

What artists are you excited about for 2019?


Top 3 favourite albums released in 2018?

Gumba Fire: Bubblegum Soul & Synth-Boogie in 1980s South Africa
Mattiel "Mattiel"
The Beths "Future Me Hates Me".

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