Meaghan Parker, Marketing Manager at Outside Music/Next Door Records

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Meg Parker is the Marketing Manager for Outside Music and handles digital strategy, brand development and creative direction for their management roster and label. After completing degrees in classical piano and in musicology, Meg transitioned out of academics to the music industry, working in music licensing for several years before joining the Outside team. She recently launched a new label for Outside Music, Next Door Records. She is interested in supporting diversity in the music industry, and helping artists to build campaigns that balance strategy and analysis with creative growth and authenticity.


What is your favourite part about your job?

I love working closely with artists on developing a campaign that's true to them specifically, and seeing the resulting impact that has on the fans. Reading people's comments is amazing. I'm also a big data nerd so analyzing is fun too.

What is the biggest challenge you face in your job?

By far the biggest challenge to music marketers and self-promoting artists is the problem of authenticity. Authenticity has always been a vital part of how a fan relates to an artist and their music. As a result, marketing music and promoting yourself - essentially 'selling' - can feel counterintuitive and sleazy. The big difference with music is that the 'product' can be such a profound experience. It's a constant challenge to strategically navigate the current social media landscape while staying authentic, creative, and connected to fans.

What do you look for in an artist you want to work with?

I look for someone that has a unique but grounded sound, that knows how to draw from influences rather than mimicking them. I also look for a strong sense of vision, discipline, and of course chop

Who are your musical heroes?

Far too many to mention but here’s a shortlist: all of the Soulquarians,they perfected the art of celebrating musical heritage while making something new; Missy Elliot, iconic, prolific songwriter, talented performer in her own right and championed so many other artists with her writing; George Clinton, smashed radio’s racial boundaries with cross-genre psych funk, first Black artist to have a stadium show; Lester Young, father of cool jazz (and also credited with popularizing the term ‘motherfucker’)!

Top 3 favourite albums released in 2018?

R + R = NOW: Collagically Speaking
Rosalia: El Mal Querer
J. Cole: KOD

Poutine, shawarma or pho?

Shawarma baby! Ottawa b*tches know!!

Jon Bartlett