Colin Mackenzie, Manager, Artists and Special Projects at Envision Management

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For over twenty years Colin Mackenzie has worked with and for Canadian musicians; as producer, manager (Jale, The Super Friendz, Thrush Hermit, Jerry Granelli, Neko Case), label owner/manager (Perimeter Entertainment, Cinnamon Toast Records, Murderecords), tour coordinator, booking agent, festival coordinator, grant writer (Envision Management & Production), video director, and national radio producer (CBC-The Signal). He has sat on the board of directors of both artist-run centers and the East Coast Music Awards (NS) and served as a jury member for The JUNOS and FACTOR. In the 90s he was the co-director and talent coordinator of the Halifax On Music Festival (Halifax Pop Explosion). Since 2013 he has raised over a million dollars in funding through private, federal and provincial granting bodies for Canadian artists’ and musicians’ needs: touring, recording and creating. His focus has always been and remains the artist and how best to strategize their career. He is presently the Special projects manager at Montreal's Envision Management and Production and the North American Representative for


What is your favourite part about your job?

Working with artists to plan long term large scale projects.. as well as putting out fires when required, finding solutions to move things forward.

What was your first job in the music industry?

Tour manager for Eric's Trip on their very first tour- I think my driving terrified them...

What was the worst (or funniest) pitch you have ever received?

One day this person came into my office with a bio, pictures and a tape cassette player and we chatted for a while, I thinking he wanted advice... then the conversation stopped. He made a move for the cassette player, he turned it on - I figured he was going to play me one of his demos, so I leaned in... then he got up and made his way to the middle of my office (I had an office) and proceeded to perform for me, to "audition" just for me, solo, like something out of an old movie. The song was sort of a The XX type track.. electronic, mellow, 80s, synth and.. I just stared at him, tried not to crack a smile and felt weird. But I have to say, dude: good on ya! He is no doubt killing it on The Voice these days!

Favourite musical genre(s)?

Indie Rock & Jazz

Favourite non-music-related pastime?


Who are your musical heroes?

David Byrne, Bowie, Shane McGowan, Arvo Part

Go-to Karaoke song?

Tequila Sunrise

What artists are you excited about for 2019?

Sharon Van Etten, Flying Horses, Colin Stetson, Light Conductor, Sleater-Kinney,

Top 3 favourite albums released in 2018?

Alexandra Streliski- Inscape
John Prine-Tree of Forgiveness
J Mascis-Elastic Days

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