Nick Duncan, A&R Coordinator at Sub Pop Records

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Nick Duncan is the A&R Coordinator at Seattle-based indie label Sub Pop records, where he has been responsible for signing artists like LVL UP and Frankie Cosmos. Before joining the A&R staff two years ago, Nick oversaw college and non-commercial radio promotions for the label. Nick is a Seattle native and got his start in music as the music director at KUGS FM in Bellingham, WA before joining the Sub Pop family as an intern in 2013.


What is your favourite part about your job?

It sounds like a stock answer, but the best part of my job is working directly with the bands on our roster. We have a pretty great group of artists and musicians at the label, and my favorite experiences at Sub Pop have come from spending time with these folks. Outside of that, I'd say having the opportunity to travel has been another aspect of working in A&R that I enjoy.

What do you look for in an artist you want to work with?

The first thing I want to know about when looking at an artist, is what community are they a part of. What's their story, where do they come from, and what are they connected to? Being an active part of the scene is just as important as writing a good song or producing a good album, as it's those personal connections that often lead to a project being successful.

What was your first job in the music industry?

My first industry job was handing out keychains and other promotional material at country music/arena rock concerts for CBS Radio. It was awful. I got spit on by a Toby Keith fan once. The first music industry job I enjoyed was being a college radio promoter here at Sub Pop.

Favourite non-music-related pastime?

I bake a lot of bread, and have spent most of the last year getting real into sourdough. Hit me up if you want to exchange recipes.

What is one thing you always pack when you go to a music festival?

Ear plugs. Take care of yourselves out there people!

Poutine, shawarma or pho?

It's maybe embarrassing, but I've never had poutine. I guess I'd go with pho? Unless someone can convince me with some killer poutine at Megaphono this year.

Jon Bartlett